Sunday, May 9, 2010

....Nestors Graduation Party...YAY

Nestor Graduates from Cal Baptist and we all celebrate with awesome homemade food from his family. His Mom and Dad, and sister , chopped and diced, and Bar B Que'd for a backyard filled with about 70 hungry friends and family.....Aside from Nestor being the star of the day, that prize would go to his Mom, who is a fantastic cook......Lindsay did alot of translating that afternoon, but I held my own, I'd like to think, high school Spanish comes in very handy, and especially around good food......oh yes, and there was cake.....yummy cake, and just eneough for everyone to have a piece. Kevin and I did our part with providing the space for tables and chairs, and a small space for some groovy dancing. We are very proud of our Nestor, and he tells me he is researching just the right career for himself. He will be top notch, whatever he decides.

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