Thursday, March 4, 2010

JuneBug and Pat next to family pic at Popa's House

Well Kevin finally made it to Popa's House for dinner, after waiting along the curb, at the giant mechanical gates to "The Meadows" mobile home park in Riverside. Yes, as JuneBug, Pat, and myself were wondering where he was, we remembered that it would be tricky for him to get through the gates without a code number, and forget about calling us......he doesn't own a cell phone. (his choice). Our Popa, My Dad passed away a year ago May, but Pat his wife, (my mom lives in No. Cal with her husband, Tim) always asks us to dinner and still cooks great, I might add. My Dad and Pat lived in this Mobile Home park for many years. We celebrated Birthdays, Easters, and the best Christmas Eve's ever. ( Popa was always Santa to our kids, and my nieces and nephews). When I visit now I notice his chair, the large sofa, all the furniture, their blue and white kichen, and of course "The Belly Up". ......Kevin got through the gates while following residents in,knocked on the door,and was greeted as usual with Love from Pat, and a refreshing "seven & seven"......just like old times.........we miss our Popa

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