Friday, February 26, 2010

afternoon delight


  1. Look at you, a gin & tonic in one hand and a baby in another!!!! And Diana it!

  2. Donna,
    Thanks for the afternoon delight. You, Sheryl and Leo are truly delightful. Add in Kristi, Riley, Madison and my mom and what could be better? There is always room for more fun...maybe Lindsey, June, Sean...Kris? You could join in too.
    Donna, Sean says he needs vodka and tonic but he is willing to give gin another try.

    Thanks for the fun afternoon, and Kristi for the good food. Next time is at your house Gammy...let us know what to bring. Remember take out for your day, we want all of your energy focused on us ;) Actually take out for everyone's day and then it will really be easy. What do you think?

  3. Well I definately love the take out idea, and if I'm lucky, I could get it delivered, too. I was just telling Kris I would love for her to join us. Maybe Lindsay , or Sean...I love to have him with us,spices things up. Will keep you all posted....Gammy

  4. Yes, this was a very fun day! I so look forward to our get togethers! And you know me, the more the merrier, I'm always open to more guests! Love the take out idea, so much easier!!

    Donna, I made Tim go buy me gin last night. I am totally a fan! Thanks for joining me for a great day, I had a blast!!