Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Do not know where my Photos went, they were part of a wonderful and unusual day. I DID save them....but where are they. I can't call my daughter this late so just to let you know, my day began with laughing at Leo, laughing with his Grandpa Kevin, reading a book....Darn, I've got to find those pics...floating around in Blogtown.


  1. Hi Donna, nothing worse than missing pictures. They will turn up, mostly they just like to hide. When the realize you are going to do a fun post on them, they'll be back. Besides Sheryl is probably up by now to help :)

  2. Thanks MaryRose, I love your experienced offerings, I hope to do you proud.

  3. That picture of Leo with his Grandpa is darling. So cute!

    You'll work all the kinks out and be pro in no time!