Friday, February 26, 2010

Thanks Rusher

Nothing like getting together occassionally with friends in the middle of the week, especially when the food was yummy, and the company was silly, just like me. Sheryl, Leo, and myself went to our friend Kristi's house to enjoy a beautiful table , courtesy of MaryRose, along with Pasta and salad , Bruschetta, and mouthwatering Chocolate Cake with Strawberries......all lovingly prepared by Kristy. MaryRose's Mom, Diana joined us, and I know she enjoyed the beverages I brought,she said "it took her back"...we all need that once in awhile. Leo had so much fun with Madison and Riley, laughing and chasing, and finally watching Gammy singing with everyone to Jingles of old movies. I can't wait to watch " Viva Las Vegas" with him....he has to know the real Elvis. Such a nice afternoon...

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